How to purchase cheat directly from us?

  1. Read instruction below and pay for a product you want.
  2. Message us via Discord qppal#0398 about successfull payment.
  3. You’ll get a product in short time through Discord.



Because of war in Ukraine, currency changes, etc., tax is 35% for any payment method. At this moment we accept only Crypto, Wise, Skrill, PayPal, Western Union, MoneyGram, Payoneer, SWIFT, Ria.

Enter product price (EUR):

Price with tax (EUR):

Price with tax (UAH):

Price with tax (USDT, USDC, Skrill USD):

International payments

Western Union, MoneyGram, Payoneer, SWIFT, Ria.

If you want to pay with method above, contact us via Discord qppal#0398

Wise (any Credit/Bank card)

Works for any Credit/Bank card.

  1. Go to Wise.com.
  2. Create a new account.
  3. Click on “Send money” in the left-top corner.
  4. In first field “You’re sending” select your currency and select how much you want to send.
  5. In field “The recipient will receive” select “UAH” currency. Click “Continue”.
  6. On new page click on “New recipient”.
  7. On new page put next info:

E-mail: goldprofa@gmail.com

Account holder’s full name: Vladyslav Kharkevych

A country: Ukraine

City: Odesa

The address: Kosmonavtov, 24, 7

Postcode: 65125

Card number: 5375 4141 4009 2742

Now you can pay with your card.


We accept PayPal:

Contact us via Discord to receive instruction to pay with PayPal



After successful payment, msg us via Discord
Official qppal.com Crypto wallets.


1. Go to Skrill.com

2. Click on “Register” and create your own account.

3. Go to your wallet. Click on “Deposit” -> “Deposit Now”. Deposit full price of cheat +35% fee (don’t forget about Skrill fee).

4. Click on “Send” -> “Skrill to Skrill”. Enter “goldprofa@gmail.com”. Send full price of cheat (don’t forget about fie).