[GA] For Honor Premium launcher [Lifetime]




After purchase you’ll receive lifetime subscribtion for For Honor Premium launcher


-One PC and HWID locked
-Easy to setting up
-Much better deflects
-Very optimised code, now even 50 FPS do 100% parry and blocks
-Much fixes
-Much code improves
-Just press one button and you’re ready to play
-Easy disable/enable features during game
-All features from old launcher included!
-Combos (Press button to do combo)
-Controller Remaper
-High Security, anticheat bypass, random code for each user (no ban chance)
-Dodge B/Unblockables
-Flip Bashes/Unblockables
-Auto Block
-Auto Parry
-Auto Deflect (light/heavy,guardbreak on deflect)
-Auto Flip
-Auto CC
-Light/Heavy after dodge
-Auto GB
-Auto Light on GB
-Show Enemy Box
-Controller support

Some of features above comes with paid presets.

In game:



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