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Especially for you, we have translated most of the necessary functions into Russian! Unique cheats are for almost every hero!
Buying this cheat, you provide yourself with complete protection against any VAC lock!
Dota 2 cheat has been working for more than 3 years and is regularly updated and finalized!
American developers, but especially for you, below, we have prepared a translation of standard, initial functions.
In a nutshell, the cheat perfectly finishes, ultuets, stacks, stops, counter, damages, hooks, blinks, catches, in short everything that he can do. Even there is MapHack.
To make it easier for you to deal with the functionality of this software, the official Dota Universe by RuHub channel has prepared a wonderful review of our program! </attention>

Ability ALerts – Makes visual + sonic about abilities / smokes used.
Cooldown Display – Displays cooldown + leveling abilities / items.
ESP – Displays illusions + manabars. Allows you to make illusions raised and not stand out.
Jungle MapHack – Displays the creep point on the map / screen, which was disturbed by enemy heroes.
Show Neutral Spawns Boxes – Displays the box of spawn creeps.
Visible to Enemy ESP – Displays the effect on your hero when he is in enemy visibility.
XP Monitor – Displays the number of heroes who gain experience in a radius of 1300 from finished creeps.

Hero specific
Anti-Mage – Auto Mana Void (Ult)
Ax – Auto Culling Blade (Ult) / Auto Culling Blade (Ult) + Blink Dagger
IO / Wisp – Auto-Spirits
Invoker – Auto-Procast Meteor, Blast, EMP, Sun Strike in eul + Auto Sun Strike in Mills
Kunkka – X-Marks combo with Torrent
Legion Commander – Duel Combo
Lina – Auto Laguna Blade (Ulta) + Eul combo
Lion – Auto Finger Of Death (Ult)
Meepo – Auto Poof + Auto Poof with Blink Dagger + Send mipo to the base if hp is less than **%
Necrophos – Auto Reaper`s Scythe (Ulta)
Phantom Assassin – Auto Dagger
Pudge – Auto Hook + Combo
Rubick – Auto Style Ultimate
Shadow Fiend – ShadowRaze combo
Sniper – Auto Assassinate (Ulta)
Storm Spirit – Auto cast ability for Orb attacks
Techis – Auto Undermining Remote Mines
Templar Assassin – Auto Meld
Zeus – Auto Ultimate

Enable Humanization – Enables the Humanizer, which simulates the movement of the cursor in the cheat (It is advisable not to turn it off)
Instant Mouse Move – Enables instant teleportation of the cursor to the place of the cast
Dead Zone Size
Debug Humznizer – Display of two crosses: your cursor and the cursor that is seen in the replay and itself anti-cheat
Discard Out-Of-Bounds Unit Orders – Does not allow casting to targets that your cursor is not on
Linger Time – Duration of fixing the cursor on the target
Non-Torgeted Order Delay – Responsible for waiting before the custom non-item target
Random Additional Time – Responsible for waiting time before the custom
Return Time – The time during which the cursor will return under your control
SilentMouse Movement – Allows you to control the cursor during combos
Unit Order Time – time for which the cursor reaches the enemy

Item specific
Auto dagon
Auto Phase Boots
Medallion / Crest During Attack – Medal / Solar
Orchid / Bloodthorn During Attack – Orchid / Bloodthorn Attack
Treads Switcher – Change atrebut PT during attack / cast
Urn / Vessel During Attack – Urn / Oars on Attack

Auto Disable Hotkeys – Disable all keys in the cheat during chat opening
Minimap Drawing – Drawing your SVG images on a minimap
Set Weather – Allows you to select a weather style.
Safe mode
Safe Mode – Turns off all scripts except visuals

Aegis Snather – Aegis Auto Pick
Auto Accept Matche


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